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About Us

We specialise in hand blended seasonings and curry mixes inspired by the flavours and dishes of South East Asia. We love natural products and don’t use chemicals or preservatives in our products.
Suhasini grew up in Hyderabad, India and learned the art of cooking and mixing spices that has been passed down from one generation to another. Hyderabad is a large city based in South India and is home to a mix of people from contrasting cultures. This melting pot of cultures has resulted in a thriving & vibrant city that has its own unique flavour and is the inspiration for the seasonings and curry mixes that are available from Dakshina.
Malcolm grew up in the south of New Zealand and met Suhasini while in India. Having spent collectively more than 5 years in India he has really come to appreciate the authentic flavours of South East Asian cuisine. Malcolm quickly realised how difficult it was to replicate these flavours back home and has supported Suhasini in her endeavour to bring these flavours and a taste of her culture to New Zealand. Malcolm is easily Suhasini’s number one taste tester. By day he has a role in banking and business finance and spends his evenings assisting Suhasini with her vision.
Thank you for sharing in our story and we hope you love Dakshina seasonings and curry mixes as much as we do.
Malcolm & Suhasini

Our products contain no
chemicals or preservatives.


Small family business
located in the south of NZ.


Locally produced from the
finest ingredients.