What does Dakshina stand for? 10/05/2022

Dakshina Stands for Excellence

Dakshina comes from an Indian word that means “south”. 

We felt that the name explains both where we came from and where we are now. Suhasini grew up in South India. The flavours and the products that Suhasini created for Dakshina are greatly inspired by the styles of Southeast Asia that she had growing up. 

Now, we live in the deep south in one of the southernmost cities in the world, so the name seems like a perfect fit. 

Since making these recipes at home nearly 20 years ago, friends and family often asked Suhasini if she could make them curry mixes or authentic seasoning blends, which she did gladly. Once word got out to her workmates, there was a huge demand and Dakshina grew to become a solid business. 

Dakshina Stands for Authenticity

All Dakshina seasonings and curry mixes are made from all-natural ingredients without artificial colours or flavours. The mixes are carefully crafted by hand using a combination of local NZ ingredients and ingredients imported from India.

Some ingredients were impossible to find locally and are essential to have an authentic balance of heat, flavour, colour, and texture, and had to come straight from the source.  For us, getting “close enough” wasn’t good enough; it needed to taste as good as the real thing! A lot goes into making these mixes just right; including the undeniable aroma that comes from making a dish that smells, looks, and tastes like it came straight out of India. 

While our curries and seasoning mixes are a fantastic way to bring the tastes of India to your home through our recipes, you can make amazing fusion dishes by adding them to local fare too. Give it a try some time to spice up your mealtime! 


Our products contain no
chemicals or preservatives.


Small family business
located in the south of NZ.


Locally produced from the
finest ingredients.