Each seasoning has its own flavour and texture but all can be used in a variety of ways. They are great for sprinkling on boiled eggs & omelettes, meat dishes, and vegetables. They can also be used as a rub for roasting and grilling and add a subtle twist to salads. Homemade wedges or chicken wings sprinkled with one of these seasonings makes a great snack or addition to a family meal. View our blog for more inspiration.

A mild seasoning with a touch of sweetness that melts in your mouth
This seasoning has a tasty nutty flavour with a mild afterglow
Sesame seed
A seasoning with a slightly nutty flavour and a hint of salt & pepper
Flax seed
A light & sweet seasoning with a delicious kick

OURCurry mix

Our curry mixes are a combination of the spices that you need to create an authentic Indian curry. Following the instructions on the packet you will be able to purchase the required ingredients and be guided through the process to create a meal that your whole family will love.

Butter chicken mix
A unique take on this popular curry - mild with a hint of sweetness – very palatable and a popular choice
South indian curry
This curry mix can also be used as a base for vegetarian dishes by replacing the meat with vegetables. Can be used with all red meats.
Korma curry
A very pleasant curry with a base of coconut and cashew. This curry can be made with a range of meats and vegetables and has a lingering warm after glow.

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